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Reclaim the City

Cape Town is one of the most segregated cities in the world. Unregulated rents and property prices are forcing poor and working class people out and there is not enough well located affordable housing. The City and Province say they have no land but are selling or leasing land that could be used for mixed income affordable housing - this has to stop. Land for People, Not for Profit

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City of Cape Town Budget

In 2015 we supported the Social Justice Coalition in their campaign for an equitable budget for sanitation infrastructure. The City of Cape has for years allocated only R22 million for capital spending on all 204 informal settlements, while spending millions on expensive outsourced services.

Read the Budget SubmissionLearn more about the campaign

Safety for all: Campaign for fair equitable resources

It has been over a year since the O’Regan-Pikoli commission of Inquiry released its report with twenty recommendations for safety and justice in Khayelitsha. To date, the National Police Minister has not acknowledged or responded to the report. A year is long enough! Join the campaign for #justiceforall


The Mamoena Achmat and Thelma Lewis Activist Library includes an extensive collection of activist resources such as press clippings from as far back as 1967; books on a variety of subjects (for example politics, history, law, and biography) that have been collected since 1975; videos and DVDs documenting various social movements in South Africa.

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