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Who we are

Ndifuna Ukwazi is a recently established not-for-profit Trust based
in South Africa (SA). It was registered on 3 March 2011.

NU aims to build and support social justice organisations and leaders. It was formed in response to the need to foster, develop and provide appropriate mentorship and support to local organisations and young leaders who are pursuing various social justice struggles in SA and are thereby attempting to hold government at all levels accountable (and including the private sector).

These leaders and organisations are committed to working in often-difficult circumstances on issues that go to the core of our Constitutional values and fabric. But in order for young people to do so strategically and sustainably they require support and mentorship as well as political education. Over time they will be in a position to better lead and run organisations on a sustainable basis, and in a manner that gives impetus to our Constitution (rule of law and evidence based).

All of our interventions are rooted in Constitutional values and protections and that support the rule of law based on evidence and incontrovertible research.

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