COI: Day 11 6/2/2014 – Community Policing Forums (CPFs)

COI: Day 11 6/2/2014 – Community Policing Forums (CPFs)Ndifuna Ukwazi – DARE TO KNOW

On day 11, Dr Gilbert Lawrence continued testifying. This time he spoke about CPFs in the three police stations and the allocation of money to each. Neighborhood Watch has a two-day training plan and in the future they hope to get accreditation so they can get proper employment.

Members of the community who volunteer as crime fighters in schools go to Chrysalis for three months’ training.

The next witness was a prosecutor for Khayelitsha. She spoke about the importance of a case docket when it comes to cases going to court and finalizing cases.

“Dockets are assigned to investigating officers to go to court so it is their responsibility,” she said. When detectives were asked about why they don’t bring the dockets, they say they have too many cases to look at, and that it’s difficult to be in all places at one time. She spoke about one case that was postponed 10 times. This consisted of charges of murder, robbery, and the rape of a 6-year-old child.

The prosecutor explained that if the police work too slowly, the whole justice system will be delayed. In many cases where detectives fail to do proper investigation or to arrive in court, they sometimes fail to oppose bail. She also told the commission about three cases of drunk driving that went to court but had to be closed because there were no dockets or forensic reports.

Next she spoke about prisoners who fail to appear in court on time. Trucks bringing trial awaiting prisoners to court sometimes arrive late because there are not enough police vehicles to transport prisoners to court.

She claims that vigilante killings are registered as murder in the SAPS books.

She doesn’t know where CCTV cameras have been installed around Khayelitsha. And she has never had a case where the CCTV have been used as evidence to the court. She feels that CCTV footage could make a lot of difference in bringing evidence to courts and that would make it easier for the courts to resolve cases.


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