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The Fellowship Programme is a full-time, 12-month programme that gives young civil society leaders, activists, lawyers, and graduates the opportunity to develop their leadership potential; deepen their political, legal, and historical understanding of social justice struggles; and gain valuable experience by participating in on-going social justice campaigns.

The Fellowship Programme combines focused study and skills development with mentorship and volunteer work (job shadowing) at NGOs. Education will focus on South African history, local and global politics, law, and current affairs. Skills development will focus on interacting with the media, running an organisation, raising funds, building strategic coalitions, and preparing, researching, and litigating legal cases. NGO volunteer work will require Fellows to work at social justice organisations outside their usual fields, and expose them to alternative leadership, operational, and governance models. An additional module on leadership is currently being added.

During the study portions of the year, each day will be divided into several slots to allow for a variety of activities, including 2-hour daily seminars, group work, self-study, preparation, guided reading, and multi-media sessions. Other days will be set aside for excursions (for example, to historic sites and special collections at libraries, museums, archives, public lectures, as well as the courts) or to active participation in on-going social justice campaigns.

More information about the modules, the projected outcomes, and the supporting content can be downloaded from the Fellowship Materials page.


Ndifuna Ukwazi would like to announce a new round of applications for the 2012 NU Fellowship Programme. Applications open 24 April for the term starting 9 July 2012.

Fellows will receive R 5 000.00 per month as a stipend, a work space, and computer access at the Ndifuna Ukwazi offices in Cape Town.

The updated brochure and the application form is available from the Ndifuna Ukwazi offices or the offices of our partner organisations.

You can download the information booklet and application form below. Completed forms can either be typed or hand-written, and e-mailed to or submitted to the NU offices by hand.

One of Ndifuna Ukwazi’s key goals is to contribute to building a cadre of young leaders, activists, and lawyers. The Programme will help to achieve this by allowing selected individuals to participate in one year of study in the fields of politics, history, and law, as well as leadership ethics, strategy, and management. The Programme will also give Fellows the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding and practical experience of organising all aspects of social justice and human rights work.

Download: NU Fellowship Programme 2012 Announcement Booklet:  PDF  DOCX  DOC

Download: Ndifuna Ukwazi Fellowship 2012 Programme Application Form:  PDF  DOCX  DOC

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