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Fellowship overview

The curriculum is divided into three modules that cover the subject areas of South African history, local and global politics, law, and current affairs, but there will be significant overlap between them. In each case the overall goal is to develop political awareness of global and local issues as required for effective leadership in social justice work, and as a result the content and assessment of each module will focus on social justice issues.



These worksheets are designed to introduce participants to the practice of doing historical research. Later worksheets will give an overview of South African history and the lives of important leaders and activists. Each is organised around group discussion, reading and activities. This page will be updated as materials are completed.

1- Seminar 1: Introduction – What is history? Julia Wells’s We are Done with Pleading and the women’s 1913 anti-pass campaign.

2- Seminar 2: What is History – Definitions of history and different approaches to history.

3- Seminar 3: The Methodology of History – What historians are trying to do and how they do it.


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