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The Activist Library includes an extensive collection of activist resources, including: press clippings from as far back as 1967; books on a variety of subjects (for example politics, history, law, and biography) that have been collected since 1975; and videos and DVDs documenting various social movements in South Africa, which we are in the process of making freely available on a designated YouTube channel.

Our library runs on the Libwyn System which allows the scanned clippings to be accessed remotely and the details of our book collection viewed remotely through our Active Connect module.

This collection will gradually become a comprehensive activist archive in SA. The entire collection has been donated to NU by Jack Lewis and Zackie Achmat. The library will also provide a space where critical and progressive history and experiences can be shared. We intend to add to the materials already collected by securing donations, as well as by purchasing new works.

The Activist Library is open to members and staff of partner organisations, as well as by participants in the NU Fellowship Programme. We will provide access to resources, including an extensive number of books and resources that form part of our catalogue. Other activists can also apply to use the library free of charge.

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