UPDATE: 24 April 2012

Fritz Jooste, a researcher at NU, has prepared a presentation that gives an overview of the recently tabled City of Cape Town 2012/13 Draft Budget ( This presentation, which presents a preliminary analysis of the draft budget, can be downloaded as either a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation or a PDF. If you have any questions or wish to share some comments, suggestions or corrections, please feel free to contact him at

One of the main objectives of NU is to provide strategic research support to various partner organisations. In this regard, NU conducts research and analysis with a focus on the intersection of socio-economic rights, Constitutional obligations and international human rights law. The end pursuit is to improve the living conditions of poor and vulnerable people, as well as to achieve social justice and safeguard human rights.

Much of the research conducted by NU involves an examination of budgets at all levels of government. This research is used by partner organizations to strengthen their campaigns and litigation. NU’s budget work is made possible through the generous support of the International Budget Partnership of the CBPP.

The main budget-related work of NU has included:

1.)    strengthening the internal budget research capacity and general budget literacy of partner organisations by conducting workshops with their leaders, staff and members;

2.)    conducting presentations at partner organisations’ events – for instance, a presentation on the City of Cape Town 2011/12 budget delivered at the Social Justice Coalition’s Sanitation Summit in 2011;

3.)    ongoing budget research and analysis conducted on partner organisations’ behalf;

4.)    a 6-part NU Budget Literacy Workshop Series, conducted on a fortnightly basis with members of various civil society organizations from March to May 2012;

5.)    preparing budget literacy training materials for use by civil society organizations – for example, a budget booklet and three budget fact sheets (a draft copy of the first budget fact sheet, on local government budget process and the City of Cape Town,is available here ); and

6.)    investigating the outsourcing of basic services by municipalities – up to now this has involved getting hold of, and analysing, Service Delivery Agreements for the provision of basic municipal services in Cape Town’s informal settlements.

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