NU provides legal and strategic research support to various social justice organisations. In pursuit of strategic public interest litigation, we will endeavour to provide organisations with appropriate research and support to ensure that the rights in our Constitution, as well as international laws, are upheld. This will involve assisting with the reading and analysis of statutes, developing a thorough knowledge of jurisprudence, working through government reports and helping with the development and writing of legal, parliamentary and other submissions on behalf of partner organisations

NU also runs educational workshops on the Constitution and other legal issues.

We are currently involved in the following litigation:

(a)  2012 Equal Education court case against the Minister for Basic Education campaigning for norms and standards for school infrastructure ;

(b)  2011-2012 Secrecy Bill (participate and support r2k legal working group (led by r2k) and facilitate amici interventions for community organisations in WC – and elsewhere

(c)   2011-2013…Criminal Justice System and SAPS failures and remedial action through the CRIMINAL JUSTICE ALLIANCE (led by SJC) including preparation of and drafting of a formal complaint to the Constitution to the Premier WC for the establishment of a commission of inquiry into the conduct of the SAPS in the WC.

(d)  2012 Sanitation Plan for informal settlements (led by SJC)

(e)  2011-2012 Access to information on basic service delivery services (led by SJC)

(f)    2011 Access to Information and Remedial Action on PP Reports on the SAPS Leasing Deals (SJC)

(g)  2011- 2012 Support, Mentorship of workshop series on the Arms Deal Commission of Inquiry (led by ISS)

(h)  2011-2013 Support, mentorship of Money and Politics Project Steering Committee  (led by OSI with civil society) – mainly on transparent party-state funding and regulation thereof.

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