NU Fellowship Programme: New Call for Applications

NU Fellowship Programme: New Call for ApplicationsNdifuna Ukwazi – DARE TO KNOW

Ndifuna Ukwazi would like to announce a new round of applications for the 2012 NU Fellowship Programme. Applications open today (24 April) for the term starting 9 July 2012.

Fellows will receive R 5 000.00 per month as a stipend, a work space, and computer access at the Ndifuna Ukwazi offices in Cape Town.

The updated brochure and the application form is available from the Ndifuna Ukwazi offices or the offices of our partner organisations.

You can download the information booklet and application form below. Completed forms can either be typed or hand-written, and e-mailed to az.gr1455125493o.un@1455125493pihsw1455125493ollef1455125493 or submitted to the NU offices by hand.

One of Ndifuna Ukwazi’s key goals is to contribute to building a cadre of young leaders, activists, and lawyers. The Programme will help to achieve this by allowing selected individuals to participate in one year of study in the fields of politics, history, and law, as well as leadership ethics, strategy, and management. The Programme will also give Fellows the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding and practical experience of organising all aspects of social justice and human rights work.

Download: NU Fellowship Programme 2012 Announcement Booklet:  PDF  DOCX  DOC

Download: Ndifuna Ukwazi Fellowship 2012 Programme Application Form:  PDF  DOCX  DOC

  1. I’m very interested and would like to be a part of the fellowship programme. Could you please forward the information booklet to me,so I can be upto speed with what is required.

  2. What is the application deadline?

  3. I applied earlier this year and I never got any feedback… I am still verymuch interested

  4. I would reali love to be part of the program its a very good opportunity

  5. I’m realy intrested in applying for the fellowship!!!!

  6. Fulltime are allowed to apply?

  7. I have two questions

    1.Is the fellowship only for the Youth in Cape Town or its national?

    2. Do i have to be unemployed at the current moment, because i have applied for the fellowship but i am employed… its not explained well in your website and Booklet?

    • The fellowship is open to anyone (youth) who is available to work in Cape Town for an entire year. This would mean leaving your job and moving to Cape Town, plus finding your own accommodation. Hope this explains it better, but feel free to ask any more questions.

      • let me rephrase my question:

        If one gets accepted for the followship, does this mean he/she has to leave all the project that he/she was involved with or the fellowship will help the individual to advance the project to greater heights, it can be local project,national project or international project?

        Second: If a person get accepted as a fellow and then get speacial invites to attend international conference and National event, will the fellow be allowed to attend?

  8. I think its a very noble programme but is it open to non-South AfricanS?

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