Local Government

Residents of informal settlements do not have tenure and are characterised as temporary and as a consequence provided unequal access to basic services. The City of Cape Town provides temporary, poor quality outsourced services and has no plans in place to progressively realised the right to sanitation.

Programmes are ad hoc and oversight of contractors is poor. As a result, the rights of residents of informal settlements to dignity, health and safety are violated. Poor and working class communities are unable to access even basic information regarding service delivery and the City of Cape Town relies on top down technocentric planning.

There is poor resources, models and capacity for effective community participation in all aspects of service delivery. As a result there is no meaningful engagement in planning, poor allocations of budget resources and inapropriate and inadequate techonologies and services are provided.

Ndifuna Ukwazi campaigns to ensure participatory and equitable budget allocations for informal settlements, community centre procurement and access to service delivery information; and community monitoring of service delivery through social audits.

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