Budget Literacy

1. Engaging with Government Budgets (Book)

Budget Book By Fritz Jooste and Alison Hickey Tshangana. This booklet is an activist’s guide to government budgets at the local, provincial, and national level in South Africa. It gives a great beginners explanation to the budgeting process, helping active citizens engage in budget decisions.

Download below:

Engaging with Government Budgets

2. Fact Sheet 1

This factsheet provides information on how the local governments in South Africa are required by law to involve communities in the annual budget process and the broader development planning for the City of Cape Town. It also provides readers with specific details of when and where they can engage in the process of setting priorities and monitoring government delivery of services to South African communities.

Download below:

Budget Factsheet1

3. Fact Sheet 2

A brief overview of the 2011-12 City of Cape Town Budget and Spending on Sanitation. The municipal budget has important information on funds that are allocated each year to provide critical basic services to poor households. This fact sheet uses Cape Town as a case study to show how budgets are organized, how funds are raised by the City, and how to read the budget to identify key priorities.

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Budget Factsheet2

4. Fact Sheet 3

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Budget Factsheet3




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