Rules and Open Hours

Use of the Resource Centre is conditional on observance of the Rules and Regulations stipulated below.


  • Resource Centre open from 08: 30 – 16: 00 Monday to Friday.
  • The Resource Centre will be closed on public holidays and weekends.
  • The Resource Centre will close per NU conditions of closure.


  • By the virtue of being part of NU and sister organizations (permanent and contracted staff), you are eligible to benefit from the services rendered by the Resource Centre.
  • The issued access borrowing numbers will be used for identification when loaning materials. The Resource Centre will issue patrons with a unique a borrowing number which will allow you to borrow books.
  • Access will also be considered on submission of name, institutional affiliation, personal contacts and additional contacts.


  • No books will be issued without due authorization by the Centre’s staff member and you will be held responsible for any books issued in your name.
  • There is an expectation that there will be no marking, underlying, highlighting or defacing of material in the Resource Centre. Failure to comply will result in a penalty, including replacement of said material.
  • Users are responsible for material borrowed using their assigned borrowing number and for its return by the due date.


  • In order to borrow books from the Resource Centre you will need to produce your ID card.
  • The loan period for books will depend on the kind of information, and the purpose of its use.
  • Material will generally be loaned for 2 weeks with an e-mail motivation if required for longer periods.
  • DVD/CD-Rom will be loaned for 2 days, but for longer use must be motivated by e-mail.
  • Magazines, Newspapers, Journals (only current issues), Pamphlets & Dictionaries are not for loans and only for use in the Resource Centre.
  • Photocopies/ scanning available.


  • Note that the Resource Centre only provides the following papers; Cape Times, Mail and Guardian and City Press.
  • The current issues are on the display shelves while articles of interest from previous editions are located in the articles database.


  • Non-circulating reference materials (dictionaries, thesaurus , rare books, etc) are only for use in the Resource Centre.


  • Users need to ensure that their names are cleared from the LibWin System upon returning loaned materials so as to avoid penalties.

RESERVATIONS (waiting list)

  • Patrons may reserve items that are out on loan. Items that have been reserved by other patrons will not be able to be renewed.


  • In an event a book is lost during the lending period, end users will be held responsible for paying the value of the book (as per inflation rate at the time of loss).
  • Damage to or loss of Resource Centre material, books, periodicals etc. must be compensated for by the person responsible for the damage or loss.

PENALTY for Overdue Material

  • Items loaned from the Resource Centre must be returned on the due date, failure to which, borrowing rights may be withdrawn. (Users will be blacklisted).


  • There is a reasonable expectation that patrons will exercise stewardship over all resources borrowed or used on the premises. This to ensure longevity of materials and knowledge transfer
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