Commission Of Inquiry

Khayelitsha in Cape Town suffers from one of the highest crime rates in South Africa and neither SAPS nor the City have a comprehensive plan or the  political will to ensure that residents constitutional rights to safety and security are protected.

NU and its partners were instrumental in campaigning for a Commission of Inquiry to investigate allegations of inefficiency and a breakdown of relations between the community and SAPS.

The commission has already resulted in the biggest release of police data to the public in South African history, allowing us to understand how the police function and what the systemic problems might be.

NU has been doing research to support the legal team at the commission so that the findings can be used to campaign for a safety plan for Khayelitsha. We hope that this will be a template that can be used in all poor and working class communities.

NU is currently campaigning for the implementation of the recommendations, with a focus on equitable resources.




Our Evidence for The Commission


Our Struggle for Safety and Justice in khayelitsha


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