SAPS-Waymark Firearm Control System Contract

Waymark's Wasteful and Corrupt Contract with SAPS Exposed

The Firearms Control Act (60 of 2000) requires that the National Commissioner establish a central database of gun dealers and manufacturers. To do this, SAPS entered into a contract with Waymark Technologies in September 2004. SAPS agreed to pay Waymark R92 million to provide what was called the “Enhancement of Firearm Registration System” (EFRS), also referred to as the “Firearm Control System”. According to the 2011/2012 Annual Report, the system was meant to “provide for the registration of dealers/gunsmiths and submission of returns by ammunition manufacturers.” The original date for completion of the contract was July 2006. Waymark missed the completion date, and over the life of the contract SAPS agreed to four amendments with Waymark. By March 2012, SAPS had paid Waymark R342 million without receiving the database.

In August 2012, SAPS placed the contract on hold pending an internal investigation. By this time the price of the contract had risen to R413 million. In September 2012, when SAPS presented its Annual Report to Parliament, it failed to disclose that the contract had been placed on hold. Instead the Report only stated that “outstanding development could not be completed due to contractual issues to be resolved.” In a report about the use of consultants (January 2013), the Auditor-General noted that Waymark had failed to produce any results almost six years after the original end date. The Auditor-General said this meant the contract amounted to fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

In June 2013, NU made an application to SAPS for all records related to the Firearm Control System. It took over a year, and dozens of letters, for SAPS to grant NU full access to the records. The contract is currently being investigated by the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, otherwise known as the Hawks.

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The tender agreement, contract, and addendums to the contract can be accessed below:

1. Tender Response 9 September 2003

2. Firearm Control System (FCS) Contract 30 September 2004

2.1. FCS Addendum 01 31 March 2005

2.2. FCS Addendum 02 22 August 2005

2.3. FCS Addendum 03 14 February 2006

2.4. FCS Addendum 04 27 February 2007

3. Firearm Permit System License (FPS) Agreement 27 September 2005

4. NU PAIA Application 3 June 2013 – SAPS 512(H)

5. SAPS decision on request for access to records 19 August 2013 – SAPS 512(E)

6. NU appeal against partial refusal of access to records 13 Sept 2013 – SAPS 512(O)

7. Response from Minister of Police to NU’s appeal 27 December 2013

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