Local Government budgets – NU specialises in local government analysis and training.

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Social Audits

NU helped to developed the Social Audit methodology in South Africa. We offer support on social auditing as well as access to information requests and procurement.
Visit the website for practical guidance on social auditing in South Africa.

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Municipality Compliance Tracker

An online tracker of municipal compliance with access to information law.

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Cape Town Budget Project

NU provides budget training and support. Track the City of Cape Town’s budget by ward.

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Informal Settlements Map

“There are around 146,000 households in 437 informal settlement pockets in Cape Town. We need an honest conversation about what is possible and effective budgets, policy and plans to tackle the constraints that do exist so that the City can provide progressive access to shelter and equitable services. We’ve made an interactive map that helps start this conversation.”

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#StopTheSale of Tafelberg

“After pressure from the Reclaim the City campaign in early 2016, the Western Cape Provincial government, through a court sanctioned settlement, agreed to temporarily stop the sale of the Tafelberg site in Sea Point. This website includes a selection of the organizational and specialist submissions.”

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