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Walking the URANIUM ROAD,The pros and cons of SA’s nuclear future

The Big Issue As the world marked the first anniversary of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster this March, South Africa remained poised to open bids for its nuclear energy programme – a contract estimated to be worth a mammoth R500 billion to R1 trillion. The contract to build […]

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Bandwagons and busts Nuclear plants are getting ever more expensive. But Asian countries may build them more cheaply

When we talk of the cost of nuclear power what do we mean? And why are the estimates of nuclear power in South Africa so varied? The article in the Economist helped me gain a deeper understanding. First, there are two types of costs. On the one […]

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Potential Nuclear Disaster

Zapiro’s cartoon raises some interesting points. On the one hand, it highlights the potential for “disaster” when something unexpected happens to nuclear power stations (think explosion and fire, Chernobyl April 1986 and the catastrophe of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, March 2011 following the Tōhoku earthquake and […]

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