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The Indecent Secrets of Our Underwear: George Orwell’s “The Spike”


by Cassie Metcalf-Slovo In this essay George Orwell submits to a weekend in a “Spike”; a workhouse or, as we say today, shelter for homeless people.  A Spike is where the desperate and destitute, or ‘tramps’ as Orwell calls them, could get a place to sleep, a roof […]

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George Orwell “Why I Write” – Cassie Metcalf-Slovo

Cassie Metcalf- Slovo will write regular introductions to the essay of George Orwell for Ndifuna Ukwazi. Her first introduction on political writing and Orwell’s reasons for writing tackles the subject of “bias”.   In this essay George Orwell expands on the reasons why he writes in clear, […]

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