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Kosovo (Khayelitsha) Sanitation Upgrade Presentation

This blog was taken from a sanitation upgrade presentation by NU’s Jared Rossouw We recently came across a UCT Master Dissertation by Roxanne Beauclair called, “Development and Disappointment”. It’s a study of a sanitation upgrade in Kosovo, Cape Town in 2009 that went horribly wrong. So often, […]

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Social Audit (Imali Yethu) Update – September 2013

Imali Yethu Social Audit News From the 27th of September to the 5th of October, the Social Justice Coalition (SJC), in partnership with Ndifuna Ukwazi (NU) will be carrying out a social audit of solid waste removal services in Khayelitsha. The main goal of this exercise is […]

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DA electoral reforms ignore the main problem: party funding

by Gregory Solik Originally published on March 6, 2013 Of all the adjectives used to describe South African politics, boring cannot be one of them. Completely out of the blue the Democratic Alliance (DA) on Tuesday submitted an Electoral Reform Bill (Bill) to Parliament, which aims “to [...]

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A Global Crisis of Youth Unemployment

by Fritz Jooste Recently a friend from the States told me that she is returning to school to get a law degree. She explained that she was motivated by years of interning and working bottom-of-the-rung jobs in journalism prompting her to try a more-lucrative career in law. […]

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If Parliament is serious about corruption, it must bite the hand that feeds

by Gregory Solik The regulation of private party funding is a critical site for the struggle for accountable governance. That is why the media fiasco around the relationship between the Gupta family and government (both the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the African National Congress (ANC)) is misplaced. […]

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The Western Cape Community Safety Bill: a step in the right direction or a political tactic?

by Daniel Hofmeyr The Constitution provides for three levels of police oversight: political, civilian, and provincial. Given the past year’s events regarding police misconduct, inefficiency, and breakdowns in the community- police relationships, police oversight is becoming an increasingly important issue. Up to now monitoring by the provinces […]

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COSATU, Zille, Apartheid and the Youth Wage Subsidy

By Ilan Strauss and Doron Isaacs COSATU is facing an unprecedented onslaught. Is the federation, as Helen Zille claims, ‘the main roadblock in the road to job creation and redress’? And would ‘lowering the cost of employment’ be the ‘biggest single step towards solving the unemployment problem’? The […]

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Education Infrastructure Crisis — Holding government to account

FRITZ JOOSTE & ZENANDE BOOI Mail & Guardian Recent widely reported disruptions of teaching and learning, all related to inadequate school infrastructure, show the urgent importance of the legal action launched last month against the government to address this long-standing problem. Last month pupils at Menziwa Senior […]

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