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Ndifuna joins the call for an open and accountable government

Joint Statement on the Open Government Partnership 17 April 2012   Download PDF On Tuesday 17 April 2012, the South African government joined representatives of 60 countries at the annual two-day meeting of the Open Government Partnership, an international, multilateral initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from […]

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George Orwell “Why I Write” – Cassie Metcalf-Slovo

Cassie Metcalf- Slovo will write regular introductions to the essay of George Orwell for Ndifuna Ukwazi. Her first introduction on political writing and Orwell’s reasons for writing tackles the subject of “bias”.   In this essay George Orwell expands on the reasons why he writes in clear, […]

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State Secrecy

FATIMA HASSAN JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – Nov 30 2011 18:08 Ahmed Timol died on October 27 1971, the day I was born — it has been 40 years since his death. He was a freedom fighter, a South African Communist Party (SACP) member and an anti-apartheid activist. […]

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Mac Maharaj: A buried trail of lies

The detractors of the Right to Know Campaign, civil society campaigns against corruption and ANC party royalty will focus on the “White liberal bias”  of the Mail and Guardian instead of addressing the issues raised by this courageous newspaper. Please redistribute. Zackie Achmat   Mac Maharaj: A […]

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MUNICIPAL SECRECY NOT ON: Citizens have a right to information

The lived experience of people in informal settlements is a dehumanising defiance of the constitutional and moral obligations that require the state to treat every person as having equal dignity and rights. Uncollected rubbish, floating faeces and the ever-present threat of crime are constants in the lives […]

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