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Social media in a time of social movement (Greg Solik’s Speech from the Peoples Power, Peoples Parliament Conference)


by Gregory Solik I recently received a Facebook message from my 78yr old grandmother notifying me that she watched me speak live via Ustream last Friday at the launch of the Open Data and Democracy Initiative. She said that she watched online through Ustream’s video portal and […]

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The role of mainstream and social media in the Arab spring

Comment Middle East  In the current climate it is important to ask what textbooks will say about the events that were triggered in 2011, when Mohammed Bouazizi self-immolated in an act of protest which reverberated across the Middle East and threw the region into a seminal process […]

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Social Media in a Time of Social Movement

Mary Joyce has been a consultant to the Open Society Health Media Initiative since 2009 and is the founder of the Meta-Activism Project, a nontraditional digital activism think tank. In an Open Society Foundations blog, she writes about how NGOs and non-profit organisations can use social media […]

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