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Doron Isaacs: Equal Education in South Africa

The Patterns We met up with Doron Issacs who heads up Equal Education, an organization, as its name represents, which is focused on the idea of creating a social movement around the right to equal education. The discussion covered a number of issues, namely:   The concepting […]

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South Africa gets to grips with AIDS & Towards a world without HIV — Le Monde Diplomatique


The The Global Fund on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has saved millions of lives in its ten years of existence. Globally, the fund continues to save the lives of 100 000 people every day. In South Africa, the Global Fund invested in saving lives when the government […]

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Geoff Budlender Bram Fisher Memorial Lecture


  PEOPLE’S POWER AND THE COURTS Bram Fischer Memorial Lecture, 2011 Geoff Budlender    PDF Version The topic of my lecture is People’s Power and the Courts.  In the mode of all good preachers, The Freedom Charter proclaims:  “The People Shall Govern!”I start with a text.  In fact I […]

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Law and freedom


In the next few months, Ndifuna Ukwazi will share some of its most important documentaries and videos from its activist library. This month we kick off with "Law and Freedom".  The documentaries that we will showcase on our NU channel are part of our activist library and [...]

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