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What we do

The central purpose of Ndifuna Ukwazi is the building of a cadre of young leaders through systematic and sustained education and mentorship, which will be part of an institutionalised fellowship programme called the “NDIFUNA UKWAZI Fellowship Programme”.

The goal is to turn fellows into more experienced and multi-skilled leaders through education and project work with close supervision and oversight. Education will include local and global politics, history and law.

In this regard, a select group of Fellows primarily drawn from partner organisations will be trained. Ndifuna Ukwazi will coordinate the selection of Fellows through a rigorous nomination and interview process. Fellows will be eligible for a monthly stipend.

A second key activity of Ndifuna Ukwazi will be to provide legal and research support for social justice organisations. In pursuit of strategic public interest litigation, we will endeavour to provide partner organisations with appropriate legal research and support to ensure that the rights in our Constitution, as well as international laws, are upheld.

Research and analysis will also be conducted by Ndifuna Ukwazi with a focus on the intersection of socio-economic rights, Constitutional obligations and international human rights law. This will be done in the pursuit of improving the living conditions of poor and vulnerable people, as well as to achieve social justice and the safeguarding of human rights in SA and elsewhere. Our research support will also be used to strengthen advocacy campaigns and litigation efforts.

Ndifuna Ukwazi will also promote awareness of, and engagement in, human rights issues by hosting public talks, seminars and lectures around relevant human rights issues. These will be led by Fellows and activist leaders as well as members of the judicial, research, legal, human rights, activist and academic community who collectively continue to contribute to our rich political history.

The basic break down of how we address issues

  • Promote awareness and engagement to local citizens
  • Support partner organizations in the issues we care about
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Train future activist leaders
  • Provide an activist library
  • Provide legal support
  • Conduct research

Ndifuna Ukwazi Audit 2011/2012

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