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Social Justice Coalition

Social Justice Coalition

On the 16th June 2008 a diverse group of individuals from the Cape Town community who had come together in the Civil Society response to the xenophobia crisis decided to form the Social Justice Coalition. We were concerned about the lack of political leadership in our government and its institutions which were once again highlighted by this humanitarian crisis. We believe that the economic and social inequalities that ravage our society and continent have fed a deepening anger amongst the poor and marginalised. This has led to an explosion of crime,  including xenophobia,  hate crimes and gender-based violence. The xenophobic crisis gave us the impetus to form a movement to protest against the failure of the government regarding service delivery,  accountability and the associated attacks on the Constitution and Judiciary.

The first meeting of the SJC was a Rally in the Salt River Community House on 25 June 2008 and from there the movement has grown. Since then we have decided to focus our efforts on protecting the Constitution as we believe this to be the tool by which the people can keep their government accountable.

Please join the SJC in making a stand for our Constitution which is there to protect all from abuse by those in power.

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