Mpho is an attorney in our law centre, specialising in constitutional law and human rights litigation. She is passionate about building people's power through education and political conscientisation.

Acting Director

Buhle is our head of political organising. He is the former deputy chairperson of Equal Education, and is completing a BA in Education with a focus in engineering, graphics, design and isiXhosa. He is interested in building solidarity across land and housing struggles to advance urban land justice in Cape Town.

Head of Political Organising

Disha is an attorney and head of our law centre. She has been practicing as an attorney since 2014 and is focused on constitutional and administrative law, as well as human rights litigation.

Head of Ndifuna Ukwazi Law Centre

Mufaro is our head of operations and finance. He has a dedicated history working with civic and social organisations. His passion lies in developing and implementing strong operational and financial tools to support non-profit organisations.

Head of Operations & Finance

Danielle is an attorney in our law centre and holds a Master's degree in human rights law. She believes in the power of the collective to affect social change and believes that the psychological liberation of the individual is integral to this process.


Jonty is an attorney in our law centre. He specialises in constitutional property law and human rights litigation. He holds a PhD from the University of Cape Town, which explores the constitutional commitment towards redistribution in the private law of succession.


Mikhail is an intern at our law centre. He holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Politics and Economic History (UCT) and an LLB (UCT). His previous experience in the NGO sector has centred around transitional justice. He believes that the creation of inclusive and spatially just cities is crucial in addressing the legacies of Apartheid.
Mikhail Petersen

Law Centre Intern

Kyla is our popular education officer. With a BA (Hons) in Law, Politics, and Philosophy from Rhodes University and an MPhil in Justice and Transformation from the University of Cape Town, she has an interest in rights-based popular education that targets inequality through creative activism.

Popular Education Officer

Nozi is a researcher at Ndifuna Ukwazi. She holds a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning and has a special interest in both rural and urban planning, feminist planning and spatially just South Africa.
Nozi Sigwela


Nick is a researcher at Ndifuna Ukwazi. His work mainly focuses on urban policy, municipal governance, the use of public land and the delivery of affordable housing through both the state and the private sector. He believes that a fairer, more equitable and more just city is possible. Nick holds a Master’s in Urban Planning.
Nick Budlender


Robyn is our researcher. She holds a Master's degree in Urban Planning and has a special interest in people-driven, spatially-targeted solutions to issues of inequality and injustice in South African cities.


Yusrah is a communications specialist with a background in the arts and culture sector. She is currently pursuing her LLB in addition to her Honours degree in Dramatic Arts from the University of Cape Town.

Communications & Engagement Officer

Zacharia is our Media Officer. He is passionate about multimedia communications and believes in building solidarity among communities through the power of storytelling. He holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Johannesburg and specialises in photojournalism and documentary photography.

Media Officer

Luyanda is a political organiser at Ndifuna Ukwazi. He specialises in movement support, solidarity building among communities, and finding creative ways to hold those in power accountable.

Political Organiser

Ntombi is a political organiser at Ndifuna Ukwazi. She is committed to improving the living conditions of vulnerable people and passionate about achieving justice and equality, and safeguarding human rights. Ntombi recently completed a paralegal qualification.

Political Organiser

Aphiwe is a political organiser at Ndifuna Ukwazi. She has a background in journalism and digital marketing, and has an interest in using various media and tools to ensure representation and inclusion.

Political Organiser

Nozuko is our general assistant. She supports all our operations by taking care of the workspace and regular office tasks. In 2020, she completed a certificate in computer literacy with Silulo Ulutho Technologies.

General Assistant

Hajra is our finance administrator.

Finance Administrator


We are a dynamic and talented team of community organisers, lawyers, educators, storytellers and researchers fighting to advance urban land justice and fuelling systemic change. We’re always looking for passionate people who are interested in advocating for a more equal, spatially just and inclusive city. If you’re committed to social justice and would like to contribute to building a better city, then we want to hear from you! See what job opportunities we have available and join the fight.

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